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What are your labels made of?
Our satin printed labels are made of super soft and durable Polyester Satin. They have a smooth texture with a bit of a shine. The logo ribbon is a satin polyester as well.
Will the labels fray?
Our labels are designed to be sewn into a seam. They ends will fray unless turned under and sewn. There are materials to seal them such as Fray Check.
Can I use my own artwork or fonts?
Generally we can use the logos and fonts you use for your business. In order for your logo to print clearly, it needs to be a simple design and one color. We will let you know if your logo won’t work. In many cases, we can redesign it slightly to make it work.
What is the ordering process?
After you design and pay for your labels or stickers, a proof will be made for you. You can make changes or accept it as is. Please check carefully for spelling errors as no refunds will be made after the order is shipped.Once you accept the proof, your order will be printed and shipped. You will receive an email with a tracking number.
Can I reorder my labels?
Yes, please login and view your order history. A reorder button should appear on the left.